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Company Profile

Company name Glad Cube Inc.
President Hiroki Kaneshima
Paid-in-Capital ¥85,494,550
Main customer Yahoo!
Facebook Japan
Twitter Japan
KYOCERA Communication Systems Co.,Ltd.
Number of Employees 61
Main bank Mizuho Bank
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Rakuten Bank
Japan Net Bank
Address Osaka office (Main)
2-4-7 8F Kawaramachi Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
Osaka-fu Japan

Tokyo office
1-3-3 7F Akasaka Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan
TEL / FAX SiTest

Osaka office (Main)
TEL:+81-6-6105-0315 / FAX:+81-6-6105-0313

Tokyo office
TEL:+81-3-6441-3319 / FAX:+81-3-6441-3959
E-mail support @
URL SiTest

Glad Cube
Services ・Promotion
< Advertising support >
Listing Ads, Social Ads, App Ads, Video Ads, Yahoo! Premium Ads
Social marketing support
LPO website renewal
Analytics support

< SiTest functions >
Heat map analytics, Smartphone analytics, Gazeplot, AB test, Multivariate test, EFO, Monitoring, Comparison analysis

< Consulting >
Website consulting
Form consulting

< SiTest Partner >
Become a SiTest official partner
Qualifications ・Google Partner
・Yahoo! JAPAN Marketing Solutions partner 1 star
・Yahoo! JAPAN Tag manager partner
・Yahoo! JAPAN Tag manager vendor (SiTest)
・Facebook SMB
Legal Counsel Kitahama Partners Attorney Yoshihiro Hara
1-8-16 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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