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Comparative Analysis

Advanced Segmentation Features

SiTest is unique in its ability to show you how heatmaps, scroll maps, test results and other data varies by user type and time.

Don't just see what users are doing, see how their behavior changes with time and segment.

SiTest's 2-Mode Comparison Function

SiTest's Comparative Analysis feature lets you easily see how user behaviors and heat maps compare based on time (above) and visitor segment (left).

Time Comparison

See Improvement Effects at a Glance

Overlay heat map data from before and after a promotional campaigns or site treatments and analyze the effectiveness.

Also check how different users are interacting with your site to get a crystal clear view of the effectiveness of site elements by user type, segment, geography, and more.

Time Comparison Application

Use the Time Comparison feature to display data both before and after your tests have run their course. It's easy to see at a glance whether or not your efforts are bearing fruit.

Time Comparison is also a powerful reporting feature, allowing you to effectively document conversion lifts, and display clear testing results.

Segment Comparison

Allows Careful Analysis Across Many Visitor Segments

See how user behavior changes between users that baunced, repeat users, direct traffic, paid traffic, visitors who visited certain pages, users from certain countries and more.

Segment Comparison Application

Patterns of user behavior can be difficult to spot at surface level, making it necessary to drill deeper into the behavior of specific segments of your audience.

Analyze test results and study user behavior on a much deeper level than ever before.

Here is a list of segments you can compare against with SiTest.

Regular Segments

  • No Return Sessions

    Displays the data from only one measured URL.

  • Return Session

    Displays the date of more than one measured URL.

  • Direct Traffic

    Displays data that the referrer didn't measure.

  • Mobile and Digital Device Traffic

    Displays date from smartphone and tablet users.

  • Mobile Traffic

    Displays data from smartphone visitors.

  • Device Traffic

    Displays data from visitors using tablets.

  • Computer Traffic

    Displays data of site visitors using computers.

  • New Visitors

    Displays data of first-time visitors to the site.

  • Repeaters

    Displays dates for users that have visited two times or more.

  • Organic Search Traffic

    Displays data for users visiting Google, Yahoo! and other search engines.

  • Paid Traffic

    Displays date for users that visit via paid ad links.

  • Reference Traffic

    Displays date about those users coming from other sites.

Custom Segment Elements

  • Visited URL Data

    Visitation data URL number (displayed age number)

  • Media

    Advertisement, search, social media, linked visitation and other variables

  • User Frequency

    User frequency by Repeat User data

  • Country

    What country's IP address the visitor is using

  • Language Settings

    The language that visitor browsers are set at

  • Reference Based

    Data from visitors to a spefic URL arriving from reffered traffic

  • Region

    What region's IP address visitors are using

  • Campaign Media

    Advertising campaign media parameters

  • Campaign Reference

    Which advertising campaign, parameters

  • Campaign Contents

    Advertising campaign parameters

  • Campaign Keyword

    Advertising campaign parameter keyword

  • Goal Achievement Numbers

    Displays date for users that visit via paid ad links

  • Campaign Name

    Advertising campaign parameters

  • Goal Achievement Numbers

    Determine whether goals are being achieved

  • Sort Respective Pattern

    Data in a pattern split test

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