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Entry Form Optmization

Forms are a Critical Conversion Center

Web forms or entry forms, and shopping carts, are all great places to begin the optimization process.

Users are only one step away from becoming email subscribers, when they reach the stage of interacting with a form or shopping cart.

SiTest has one of the best entry form optimization tools on the market.

User Real Data Not Industry Norms

SiTest's Entry Form Optimization tools mean you don't have to blindly folloe so-called "best practices" in form design. The "best" web form is different for each business. With our EFO tool, you can run tests based on where your form is creating friction for your sites.

EFO Strategy, and the Effect on Sales

Entry forms and the shopping cart process are often the points of highest friction on a website. Your goal is to decrease that friction wherever possible, marking the customer experience smooth.

100 users may begin the shopping cart process., and you may see only 20 of those users complete the process.

SiTest helps you to methodically improve on those numbers by learning where the other 80 users dropped off.

SiTest's 3 EFO Features

Data Entry Support Features

It's important to help users understand precisely the data you expect to be entered into your field - this can be a common point of frustration for users interacting with the entry form.

SiTest informs the user immediately when an error is detected, and doesn't make them wait to find out when they click to submit the form.

In doing so, SiTest lowers friction, making the entry form process smoother and increasing signups and sales.

How to Make Use of the Data Entry Support Features

On the data entry setting page, you can select options such as, "required or not", "English characters only", "email address requires @ symbol"... etc. Selecting these options in SiTest is as simple clicking a button.

The Data Entry Support features are even compatible with pop-up entry forms - meaning SiTest will help you to optimize a wide range of data entry oppotunities on your site.

From Statistics

Form statistics helps you understand which data entry fields are causing a problem for your users.

See parcentages of user entry, starts, mid-entry pauses, and completion rates of each step of your form.

This helps zero in on bottlenecks in form completion.

How to Make Use of the Form Statistics Feature

User form statistics to see completion rates by exact steps in the form.Then test variations at those form fields to ease friction.

Sometimes you may fail to see the precise reason who users are failing to complete the entry form. In this case, combine the Form Statistics feature with SiTest's Monitoring feature below.

Monitoring: Powerful Form Screen Recordings

SiTest's powerful Monitering feature will record the screen as your user interacts with the data entry form, allowing you to playback the recording for later analysis.

This SiTest feature is compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, allowing you to optimize the process for 100% of your users, regardless of platform.

How to Make Use of the Monitoring Feature

The Monig¥toring feature is a powerful final ling in SiTest's suite of Entry Form Optimization tools.

See Exactly how users are interacting with form fields, how ling they linger or re-type on certain fields, if they complete fields out of order, and more.

Segment user groups based on traffic source, by new and repeat users, and other options.

While form data helps identify where friction is, monitoring can help identify what is causing the friction.

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