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Why SiTest?

Multiple Tools. One Platform.

Most companies resort to a messy collection of different analytics tools to optimize their site. A tool for A/B testing. Intergrating all of them can be tedious and buggy.

With SiTest, you get your entire web optimization suite in one, integrated platform.

This is more cost effective and easier to use.

Better Insights from the Most Advanced Tools

SiTest's analysis tools are the best in the industry.

With SiTest, heat maps aren't just heatmaps: you get quantitative scroll data, eye tracking gaze plots, andmore.

Form analysis are powerful: you get data entry, support, screen recordings, and even goal flow analysis.

Better Analysis Leads to Higher Conversions and More Sales

With all digital analysis features in one tool, your marketing team gets a wholistic view of your customer' needs, friction points, and your latest results.

This helps optimize your user experience and grow revenue, faster.

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