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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Using

  • QCan Anyone Use SiTest?
    AAnyone, any company or entrepreneur can use SiTest, regardless of the type of business they're in.
  • QWhen Can I Start Using SiTest?
    AAfter sign-up a code will be given to you for the page to be analyzed. You can access and use SiTest immediately.
  • QCan I Sign Up For SiTest with a mobile phone address?
    AYou can sign up for SiTest regardless of carrier, and from all mobile phone addresses.
  • QCan I access SiTest while traveling abroad?
  • QCan SiTest Be Accessed From A Smartphone or Tablet?
    AAccess is possible, but use from a personal computer is encouraged, because some smartphone and tablet browsers are not as stable.
  • QCan SiTest be accessed from any browser?
    ASiTest engineers recommend Google Chrome for SiTest access. Other browsers may not display pages properly.


  • QCan SiTest track smartphone websites too?
    AYes, smartphone, or mobile sites can also be measured and optimized.
  • QCan members-only pages or encrypted page be measure in SiTest?
    AYes, they can be measured by using dynamic page code.
  • QAre there any pages or systems in which SiTest cannot be used?
    AA. If tracking codes cannot be sent to page, or systems for which outside service is use, then measurement is not possible. If tracking codes can be set, SiTest measurements can be completed.
  • QDoes SiTest measurement support Flash?
    AThe current version of SiTest does not support Flash.
  • QWhat type of work is required to start measurement in SiTest?
    AJust set the tracking code on the page for which measurement in desire, just before the body, then register the domain for measurement.
  • QIs it ok to put the tracking code only on the top page of the website?
    ANo. Please put the tracking codes on each page you want to track.
  • QIs it required to put different tracking code per page if it has different contents
    AIf it is a dynamic page, please put the tracking code just on that page. In other cases, measurement is possible with the same Tracking code for all pages.
  • QIs SiTest measurement dependent on other hardware or software?
  • QCan measurement be done across multiple domains?
    AYes, measurement is possible across multiple domans. However, the number of domains that can be measure depend on the SiTest plan you subscribed to. Please check for details on price listing page.
  • QIs there a limit to the number of web pages that can be measured?
    AOne can put tracking codes on all pages.
  • QAre all users who visit a site measured?
    AAll users visiting a page to which a tracking code are measured.
    However, if the number of users exceeds the PV number as per your plan, then it will not be measured. You might have to change or upgrade your plan. Measurement is not possible on browsers on which JavaScript is not valid.
  • QIF number of measurable PV is exceeded, what happens to the AB test being performed?
    AContinued sorting of AB test will not be done. AB test will resume after updating SiTest subscription plan and added additional PV numbers. If addition PV are added the next month, the AB test will be resumed.
  • QPage is not displayed properly in SiTest. Is there any new setting needed?
    A There is a possibility that the page being measured does not support HTTPS. First, select "Settings from utility (cogwheel) icon Then, change the "SSL setting" item from "HTTPS" to "HTTP."


  • QHow can I cancel SiTest?
    AIf you stop monthly payment plan in SiTest, you will be shifted to our free plan automatically.
  • QIs registration, discontinuation possible in the middle of any month?
    AYou can register or discontinue in the middle of the month. However, prorated calculation and repayment/credit will not be made.

Instructions Regarding Site Use

  • QI am not sure what SiTest function should be used. Who do I contact?
    AIn SiTest, we offer chargeable consulting services, if you need to schedule a consult, contact us through our inquiry form.
  • QWhat Is Different With SiTest, aside from the analysis tools?
    AWhat separates SiTest from the competition is not just the analysis tools, it's the ability to analyze and improve your website. SiTest implements Heat Map, AB Test and EFO measures all in one. Anyone can use SiTest, it handles complex analysis in a simple to understand manner. SiTest is loaded with countless, innovative toosl, such as before/after functions for fast sit improvement. You can even play back user form inputs of multiple users at the same time.
  • QHow much time is required to accumulate enough data for website optimization?
    AData is immediately stored when users visit pages with tracking code installed. The time varies with the range of the PV number, so usually from a few days to one month is a good guideline.
  • QDo you have any samples of your Analysis Method?
    ASiTest Analysis Metholds and its various functions can be found in our blog section. Please refer to it for samples.
  • QOnce the data is reset, is it possible to recover it?
    AIf deleted, data can be recovered. However, PV number once used is deleted, so please take note. Also, the deleted data is not restored in its original state, so please take care.
  • QHow long is my measured data saved?
    AData retention varies with the plan. Please refer to fee pages for more details.

Privacy Policy

  • QWill any personal information be divulged with monitoring functions. Can this infomation be leaked?
    ASiTest displays personal informatin only as "*". Entered information is never sent to the server.
  • QCan SiTest collect credit card information?
    ANo, it is not possible.
  • QDoes SiTest ensure the security of data?
    ASiTest works in encrypted correspondence by SSL as a safety measure.


  • QWho do I contact to change my SiTest plan?
    AYou can change the plan at any time, just contact us or go to online Help for details.
  • QOur clients has a site with huge PV numbers. Which plan should I use?
    ASiTest recommends the Bronze plans (100,000PV/month, Silver plan (150,000PV/month).
    If your clients has even higher numbers, we would suggest the Enterprise plan.
    Please contact us through the inquiry form.
  • QIn case all PV numbers are not use, will they be rolled over to the next month.
    ARolling over unused PV numbers is not possible.
  • QIn case of discontinuation of service during the month, are refunds given?
    ARefunds are not given for discontinuing service.

Additional Questions

  • QCan I bring my clients in to use SiTest?
    AYes, we actively encourage partnerships. Please refer to SiTest Partner Recruitment program for full details.
  • QI would like to become a partner for SiTest. Where should I inquire?
    ASend us your inquiry through SiTest Partner Recruitment.
  • QI would prefer contacting SiTest via phone.
    APlease call 03-6441-3336.
  • QI have questions regarding utilizing all the tools.
    APlease access the Help pages first. If you need additional support, please contact us through the inquiry form.
  • QI'm from the media and want to contact SiTest for interviews and more information.
    APlease contact our Public Relations person instead of our inquiry form.

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