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Plot Your Users Gaze with the Site Tracking Tool

The Sight Tracking feature plots the users gaze as they look over the page.

Site Tracking measures the position of the content the users is viewing, as well as the length of time their gaze lingers. The data is rendered onscreen, in the form of colored circles, varying in size and color.

Each circle is joined by a line to highlight the order in which the content is viewed.

More Efficient and Cost Effective than Eye Tracking

Eye tracking studies are not cheap. The equipment costs thousands of dollars at least, so studies tend not to be readily available.

But with the SiTest Sight Tracking tool however,your website will benefit from eyesight tracking as a conversion tool - though in a far mor cost effective way.

The large red ciecles represent a lingering gaze. The smaller colored circles represent lesser periods of time.

How to Leverage Sight Tracking

According to a study from Carinegie Mellon University, there is an 84-88 percent correlation between mouse movement and line of sight. In other words, tracking movement of the mouse onscreen is an effective way of tracking the user's gaze.

Use Sight Tracking to understand if your site is reading users through necessary information and to the call to action effidiently., or if users are frantically searching for more information.

For information dense pages, see which parts of the page users linger, which will tell you what content is resonating the most.

Sight Tracking helps you to lay out your page content in the most effective manner, improving the overall flow of the page.

With these Sight Tracking insights, you'll encourage users more effectively to interact with the content on your page.

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