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Inclease Your Website's User-Frendliness via Click Analysis

Click Analysis is a function that reveals where users click on a particular page. We can leverage this data to make our websites more user friendly.

According to Nielsen study, user-friendliness has a direct impact on conversion. Nielsen demonstrated that optimizing user-friendliness lead to a whopping increase of approximately 87 percent in his study group of 66 individuals.

How to Leverage the Mouse Click Feature

By analyzing clicks, you can decide whether or not users are interacting with your most important content. For example, perhaps a call to action is recieving relatively few clicks, in comparison with a low priority link on the same page.

Or, in some cases, SiTest may identify a high number of clicks on a static image or section. Our main goal then would be to correct the confusion, guiding the user more effectively towards the desired call to action.

Use click analysis to build a more user friendly site and increase click rates on your important calls to action.

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