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See What Users Are Looking At, With Mouse Tracking

Mouse Tracking tracks the user's mouse onscreen, displaying the data in a heat map.

There is an 84-88 percent correlation between mouse movement and line of sight*. In other words, where the mouse is onscreen, the users eyeballs are never far behind!

Mouse tracking tracks areas of the screen where the users mouse rests, and identifies those areas using the color red.

*According to a Carnegie Mellon Study.

How to Use Mouse Tracking

Mouse tracking can help you identify areas of the screen which your users are either focusing on or ignoring. You may discover that your users are ignoring your main call to action, in favor of focusing on an alternative block of content on th page.

You may then consider reducing the prominence of that block of content, and/or split testing alternative versions of the call to action.

Mouse tracking is even more effective when aligned with Sitest's Segment settings and Time Comparison functions.

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