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Mouse Move Provides Playback of Your User's Mouse Movements

SiTest's Mouse Move feature creates a recording of the screen, while users navigate the pages of your website.

It works unobtrusively in the background while they browse, and stores the screen recording for you to view later.

When you playback the recording, you can view the mouse movements of individual users, or multiples users on screen at the same time.

Mouse Move Application

Mouse Move provides a different insight into your user's habits than, say, the Click Tracking tool. Mouse Move demonstrates exactly how the user comes to click on a specific call to action.

If you see the majority of users going straight to your call to action, without distraction, then you may be happy to focus our optimization efforts elsewhere.

However, if you find users searching the screen before setting on a link to click, you may decide to split test the location of that call to action, to make it more prominent.

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