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Understand the Percentage of the Page Viewed by Users

Unlike other scroll map tools that simply show you color gradients, SiTest gives you numerical values for scroll data, allowing you to make quantitative decisions to improve conversion rates.

These numerical values relate to the percentage of the page viewed, the percentage of users who reach that position the page, and the average time taken to reach that position.

The Scroll Data feature is compatible with multiple devices, including mobile and touch screen, and will segment data based on new returning users.

How to Apply Scroll Data

The Scroll Data feature helps you understand the percentage of a page viewed by users.

The specific page from which users exit your website is an important metric to track. Scroll Data goes one stap further, identifying the percentage of that exit page which is viewed by your user.

The data points harvested by the Scroll Data feature also help SiTest suggest split test ideas automatically - the first site optimization platform to do so.

We call it AI Testing (Artificial Intelligence) and it can automatically suggest winning variations and can save marketers a ton of time.

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