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Touch Action Brings Mouse Tracking to Tablets

Touch Action is a powerful feature which tracks the multiple ways in which your touchscreen audience interact with your content.

The feature tracks the swipe of an image gallery, the tap of a clickable link, pinch to zoom, and other interactions.

Touch Action helps inform your decisions on how best to serve content to mobile users.

Making Use of Touch Action

Click tracking provided by other analysis tools is insufficient for touch sscreen devices where users are touching, swiping, dragging, and pinching your site.

Tap Analysis records these touches, so you can see, for example, if users want to expand a section or photo and aren't able to.

You may decide that a responsive website design is proving ineffective as aconversion tool, and that an adaptive design (specifically catering to mobile audience) is an appropriate solution.

In any case, use Touch Action to test your theory, helping you to make an informed choice on how best to serve content to your touch screen audience.

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