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Partner With SiTest. Earn Commission.

Our goal to optimize website perfomance for clients.
whether the user group is large small.

We'd like everyone to know how effective we are at fulfilling our goal, and we'd like to partner with you to get the word out.

You'll be a great fit for us if you're an advertising or marketing agency, a web design firm, or if your community and tollowing would benefit from increasing profits online.

SiTest: Partner Benefits

Earn Commissions Selling SiTest

SiTest Partners are rewarded on a monthly basis for the sales thy make. We work with our partners to set competitive sales commissions - contact us to get started today.

Add Our SiTest Partner Trust Seal To Your Website

Our approved partners an official SiTest Partner Trust Seal, to be displayed on your website and marketing materials

Add SiTest to Your Front End Product Line

Use SiTest's analysis tools as a front end offering in your business, demonstrating expertise, and instilling confidence in your new clients.

Leverage SiTest's Consultants to Support Your Clients

SiTest Consultants are available to support our partners clients for Conversion Rate Optimization. Landing Page Optimization and Entry Form Optimization.

After Sales Support

Our full time support team are available to help onboard your cilents, making sure they can understand and apply the features of SiTest to improve their website.

Regular SiTest Webinars

SiTest webinars keep both our partners and clients informed of the latest developments with our service. It's a great way for us to demonstrate real world applications of SiTest's features and tools.

SiTest Demonstrator Account

All of our partners have access to a SiTest demo account. You can use the account to familiarise yourself with the features and tools we offer, and to help your clients understand how the service can best work for them.

Let People Know How Well SiTest is Working For You

Your own website is a great way to demonstrate how effective SiTest has been for you. Publish content which showcases the positive impact SiTest has had on your business, and we'll reward you for the sales you generate within your community.

Are You An Advertising Agency?

Publish Analysis Reports

Use SiTest to Generate perfomance reports. helping your clients understand precisely how you've helped them to improve. You'll increase client confidence, and create the opportunity to promote additional services.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

SiTest partners have the tools and support to deliver an effective CRO service - SiTest's Partner Trust Seal communicates this to your potential consulting clients.

Are You A Web Design Agency?

Working With Designers

Allow real SiTest data to inform design decisions. helping to create visually appeailing websites which are optimized for conversion.

With Site Design, Sell SiTest As An Additional Service

Add SiTest a service to help optimize new websites for increasing conversions.

(SiTest reserves the right to approve or deny partnership applications.)

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