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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SiTest track data across multiple domains?
Yes, tracking is possible across multiple domains - the number of domains that can be tracked depends upon your specific SiTest subscription plan.
Does SiTest ensure the security of data?
Yes, SiTest employs SSL encryption to safeguard user data at app times.
Can SiTest track smartphone websites too?
Yes, SiTest tracks conversion data, regardless of which device is used to view the websites - desktop, mobile or tablet.
Are all users who visit a site measured?
SiTest tracks all users visiting pages into which the tracking code has been installed. Tracking is not possible on browsers on which JavaScript is not valid.
Can i chat with a member of SiTest's support team?
Yes. Please do get in touch with us via our support page - or you can call us direct on +81-3-6441-3336.


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