Split Testing

AB Testing Combined With Artificial Intelligence

The testing process is the foundation of conversion rate optimization, and SiTest has powerful features to help your company see increased conversion rate.

Namely, in addition to an easy to use graphical A/B testing platform, we have a one of a kind feature called AI testing (Artificial Intelligence) that automatically suggests variations and saves marketers a ton of time.

SiTest Makes Split Testing Accessible and Affordable

The split testing process tends to require time and attention in a number of different areas - you'd need an initial hypothesis to test, a designer to mockup design changes, and a coder to implement testing your site.

With SiTest however, all three of these areas are taken care of onboard our revolutionary software - saving you time and money.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS are Not required

With SiTest, you can create an A/B test without coding new HTML or CSS, removing the need for you to hire designers and coders.

Just drag and drop elements, rewrite text and exchange images using SiTest's intuitive interface - then let SiTest handle the rest.

Split Testing: 4 Elements

AB Testing

AB Testing is the process of testing 2 variations of your web page against one another - variation A and variation B. Whichever version of the page converts more effectively becomes the winner.

Test changes to signup forms, popups, written copy on the page, or any element of the page where the result can be measured.

Problem Solved by AB Testing

Two factors can make a website more profitable - the volume of traffic to the website, and the percentage of that traffic which the website converts into customers.

Use SiTest's AB Testing features to help you improve your website so that it converts your traffic more effectively into customers.

SiTest saves you time and money as you implement split testing, and ultimately helps you improve the profitability of your site.

Mulitvariate Split Testing

Test multiple variations of your web page within the same test cycle, saving time over simpler AB Testing.

SiTest's Multivariate Test feature is an efficient method od testing multiple variations of your web page and easily determining which combination of changes is most effective, without wasting time or traffic.

Problem Solved by Multivariate Testing

If you want to test multiple changes to a page, grouping all changes into one variation can make it difficult to determine which changes were responsible for the conversion change.

On the flip side, running a separate A/B test for each little change can be tedious or require a lot of traffic.

Multivariate tests solve this problem by sending traffic to different combinations of your variations and using advanced calculations to determine which combination of changes is best for your site.

SiTest has a powerful multivariate testing engine that helps you do this automatically.

Automatic Testing With Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the most unique and advanced features of SiTest.

Our revolutionary software will suggest and even make variations based on deep statistical analysis of visitor behavior.

SiTest is the first optimization platform that will auto-suggest variations for you.

Using AI Automated Testing

Automatic testing can help website owners, even those with little or no inexperience of optimizing for conversion, to create effective and insightful split tests.

By collecting and analyzing data on user behavior, SiTest will actually suggest ideas for you to test on your site, implementing those tests on your behalf, while depending on minimal input from you as the site owner.

Flexible Landing Page Test Feature

Split test landing pages for specific segments of your audience.

Segment traffic based on multiple parameters, and test the effectiveness of different landing page configurations with specifically defined segments of your audience.

How to Apply Flexible Landing Page Testing

Test different landing page configurations for completely different segments of your users - segment your audience based on new and returning users, traffic from organic search or paid search, or any other measurable traffic segmentation.

For Example, you can test landing page configurations for new users who arrived at your site via organic search - within the same test cycle, you could split test pages for returning users who return via paid search.

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